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Corporal Works of Mercy

We dedicate our efforts not only to fulfilling our spiritual works but also our corporal works of mercy.  Inspired by our Blessed Mother and the teachings of St. Benedict’s Ora e Labora, we combine action with prayer so that we can create tangible impact in the communities we serve.

In this regard, we have launched MAGNIFICAT, a community development programme in partnership with local cooperatives. The first cooperative to adhere to the vision "A Country without Poverty" is the Caraga Peoples Agriculture Cooperative (CPAC). 

Through MAGNIFICAT we are fulfilling our mission to uplift the lives of our fellow Filipinos, one community at a time. 

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Enriching the lives of others through our community development initiatives

"Faith without works is dead."


-James 2:14-22


The need for such a program

According to the World Bank, the agri-agra sector of the Philippines accounted for 9% of GDP in 2019, generating approximately $34 billion.  Yet labourers in this sector receive a meagre average wage of PHP 456/day (USD 9.50/day) according to the Philippine Statistics Authority (2017-2019), putting them below the poverty line.


Few will have access to financial institutions and development instruments, such as technology and training that would facilitate crop monitoring, improve yield quality and reduce costs, and thereby increase profitability.  Such barriers keep agri-agra farmers at a disadvantage and reinforce the cycle of poverty. 


The solution

MAGNIFICAT is the proposed solution reached in agreement with the Caraga Peoples Agriculture Cooperative (CPAC). The programme consists of diverse projects that aim to improve the livelihoods of CPAC members.

How the programme works

Through various projects, we aim to remove barriers to institutions and provide access to market tools and technology, reduce income disparities and unlock the earning potential of agri-agra labourers.  In one of our projects, for example we are supporting the setup of a coconut processing plant, which involves a series of steps:

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In the short-term our goal is to support CPAC coconut farmers through the provision of business plans that aid in the setup of a coconut processing plant; in the long-term our aim is to help them achieve full and sustainable operations.


MarianCenacles takes on the role of development facilitator, as the project is set to introduce new technologies and ways of work that have previously not been available for CPAC members.  Accessibility to these technologies opens new opportunities that facilitate business operations, generate new business and revenues, and give CPAC members better control over the use and re-investment of their resources.


We are always looking for partners who can support us in the delivery of our development projects.  If you have any professional expertise in this area and would like to know more about how you can help, please contact us here.

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