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"Spread everywhere the cenacles of prayer which I have been asking of you: among children, youth, priests, the faithful...Do not be afraid. I am with you always and I am leading you along this bright path."

             -Blue Book, Msg no 468

Our Journey


In 2008, a small group congregated and began meeting regularly at St. Mary’s Parish in Vancouver, British Columbia.  In adherence with the spirituality of the Marian Movement of Priests, we held--and continue to hold--weekly fellowship reciting the Rosary, reading and meditating on the messages contained in the Blue Book. 


On several fellowship prayers and on contemplating Her messages, we had been deeply inspired to spread family cenacles worldwide. As consecrated cohorts of the Blessed Mother, we assist her beloved sons, the new apostles, the priests to spread family cenacles of prayer in fulfilment of the following Messages: 210f, 214a, 387k, 392f-g, 419f, 419f-g, 417k, 434f-g, 468n, 560L, 567b.

We introduce ourselves to the priests to fulfil the desire of the Blessed Mother to consecrate families to the Immaculate Heart as described in the Blue Book Msg. 73i: "Do not become uneasy if you find that movements inspired by souls to whom I have revealed myself are springing up here and there:  


on contrary, all is part of my great plan. And so each thing must be in its place."

We serve as the instruments of the Blessed Mother to deliver the Blue Book, Red Rosaries and Crucifixes to consecrated families as described in the Blue Book Message Nos. 284 and 364.

The small prayer group that began has since grown and is officially known today as the Marian Family Cenacles of Prayer.

Our Mission


Inspired by our Lady’s message, our mission is to enrich the lives of our families, our Marian families and those in other communities through prayer and action in ways that attain spiritual and material well-being.

"I am the Mother and the Queen of families. I watch over their life, I take the problems to heart. I interest myself not only in their spiritual good but also in the material good of all their members." (Blue Book, Msg no 358c)

"You must do your part, as the heavenly father does His. Your action must be espoused to that of divine providence, that the work may produce its fruit in those goods which are useful for the sustaining of your life, for the enrichment of the family itself, in such a way that its members can always enjoy spiritual and material well-being." (Blue Book, Msg no 358m) 

Blue Book


The Blue Book is the collection of interior locutions, which the Rev. Fr. Stefano Gobbi, SDB had received from our Blessed Mother between 1972 and 1997. Through the locutions he was urged to gather other priests to consecrate themselves to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and unite strongly with the Pope and the Catholic Church. 


Although the Vatican and Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith have not taken an official position on the authenticity of the locutions, the Blue Book continues to guide and inspire the works of thousands of Marian cardinals, bishops, priests and religious, and over one million lay people around the world, holding prayer cenacles and guiding us to live in consecration with our Blessed Mother.

The Blue Book has the imprimatur and Nihil Obstat endorsed by church authorities as free of doctrinal or moral error.


In adherence to the Spirituality of the Marian Movement of Priests, we assist her beloved sons, the priests to spread family cenacles (Msg. No. 154k; 184a; 215b; 264f-g; 287f; 302b; 332g; 340i; 355b; 371e; 392f; 404b; 416h; 418d; 419g; 427k; 428g; 430g; 432d; 441e; 449a; 457a; 467f; 473i; 474s; 486q; 496a; 498h; 521e; 526a; 573a; 533a; 573a; 577a; 578h; 580a; 586f; 594f). We introduce ourselves with the verbatim description of the Blessed Mother about the Marian Family Cenacles of Prayer:


73i: Respond to My Supreme Call

Do not become uneasy if you find that movements inspired by souls to whom I have revealed myself are springing up here and there: on the contrary, all is part of my great plan. And so each thing must be in its place.


In obedience to the desire of our Blessed Mother, we, her faithful cohorts, deliver her Gift, the Blue Book:


284j: My Gift to you-The Book

Read it, my beloved sons; meditate on it; live it!  Have no doubt; I am. speaking to you. Through these words I am present in it and manifest myself. Only tomorrow will you understand the importance of this maternal message of mine.


364a-b Heaven and Earth are uniting.

The angels of light of my Immaculate Heart are now actually gathering from everywhere the elect, called to form part of my victorious cohort. They are signing you with my seal. They are reclothing you with sturdy armor for the battle. They are covering you again with my shield.  They are giving you the crucifix and the rosary as the weapons to be used for the great victory.


Corporal Works

of Mercy

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Enriching the lives of others through our community development initiatives

Spiritual Works

of Mercy

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Enriching our lives and the lives of our Marian Families through cenacles of prayer

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